We’re at the airport now and we’ve finally found time do tell you all a bit about our time in New Zealand, so here comes the first bit of the big fat update we promised!

After arriving at Sydney airport with seconds to spare we had no time to look at our phones while running through the airport, but once in the plane we noticed we had been inundated with messaged while connected to airport wifi: apparently Auckland was completely flooded and the North of New Zealand was having terribly storms…A friend who’d offered to pick us up from the airport couldn’t come as roads were closed and even doubted we would be able to land…and that’s how our New Zealand adventure started and more or less carried on: VERY wet!! But more to that in the next update, first things first. When we arrived in Auckland airport we were checked by airport security and fined way too much for having Australian Outback sand with us, which was tested and found out to be soil – not sand – making it forbidden to take into New Zealand. After 3 hours at border security we finally managed to exit the airport at 1am and get a shuttle to our hostel. There we were told our room booking hadn’t got through and they didn’t have a room for us (at this point we we’re so exhausted though, we would have slept on the floor). Thankfully after a to and fro with the manager we did get a room and were able to stay there for the 4 days we had planned in Auckland. And after that eventful start Auckland almost seemed boring! 😀 But only almost –  we very much enjoyed spending a few days there, especially meeting up with Anita, a school friend doing an Au Pair year. After that we headed down to New Plymouth where we spent a few days with Tim’s Aunt on her farm. Not only did we get to see a working New Zealand farm, which is very different to anything in Europe (!), but could also meet up with Tim’s New Zealand Cousins and their lovely families. Great times had!