Honestly just be happy there is no such things as smelly pictures! Because as beautiful and fascinating ass it is to see the bubbly mud pools and geysers…it stinks…A lot! Of course you can’t have one without the other but the smell of rotten eggs due to the sulphur really makes you feel ill after a while! Needless to say we moved on when it was time to eat 😀 Not before stopping of at a Maori village though where we got to see traditional Maori style living. It was especially interesting to see how they used the hot water pools bubbling up everywhere in their village as a natural hot water source for baths and cooking! Oh yeah, and, of course, we stopped off at the Mountaimbike park to take in the scarily big jumps and trails. One happy Tim after seeing that! Sophie and I on the other hand had a lot of fun running up and down the jumps…Not the professional way to take in a bike park, but it was a lot of fun anyway 😀 Take a look: