UPDATE: dolphin video has now been added! Thanks to Subway wifi 🙂

Milford Sound, Fjordland. It’s been voted the prettiest place on earth, consequently our expectations were big! So we got up very early to drive out into the middle of nowhere and hoped to maybe catch the sunrise in the Fjord. And we saw: nothing 😦 The weather really wasn’t on our side during our New Zealand adventure! The fog was so thick we couldn’t even tell if the sun had risen yet or not. But nonetheless we were still looking forward to the cruise we’d managed to book at a bargain price…especially because there was a complimentary all you can eat breakfast buffet! And after days and weeks of having soggy toast for breakfast the offer of free warm breakfast outweighed the bad weather, by far! And the cruise really was absolutely worth it, even in the fog and not only because of the breakfast. The natural beauty of the virtually untouched landscape was breathtaking, the waterfalls enhanced by the bad weather which had frustrated us ever since we landed in Auckland. And we even saw dolphins! So make sure you not only look at the pictures but also watch the videos and to see the dolphins jumping out of the water!