After our surfing adventure on Vancouver Island it was off to the Rockies! And after a 15 hour bus ride we finally arrived in Banff…unfortunately without my bag which must have got lost during change over in Kamloops. Thankfully though it arrived on the next bus! Arrival in Banff was at 4am and we spent our time until places were open in the 24hour McDonalds (needless to say we were the only guests for the first few hours) until the sun rose and we got to see Banffs beauty for the first time. Amazing! Sadly the same afternoon our next bus left for Lake Louise, thankfully only an hours journey away. And we love it here! There is a LOT of snow which means most hiking trails are closed, but it also means it is still relatively quiet. The scenery is stunning and hiking up to the Lake is lovely, even though it’s still frozen! Only concerning thing is the threat of bears, but we have a bear spray, let’s just hope we never need it!