After a lovely week in Vancouver we found out that there is a much talked about Canadian Surf spot on Vancouver Island…so off we went to discover what all the talk was about! And after slightly underestimating travel time (it took us 8 hours!), we finally reached the little town of Tofino on Vancouver Island. Our hostel was right by the water with views of the mountains which was lovely, but we soon found at that to get to the surf spots meant needing a car, which we didn’t have. But where there’s a will there’s a way so the next day we rented bikes equipped with surf board racks and off we went! It was the coldest water we had ever come across, which explained why the only people crazy enough to brave it were surfers covered in a wetsuit including boots,  gloves and a hood! But it was a lot of fun, we had really missed surfing after Australia! And in the evenings there was a pool table where we hung out with other Germans from the hostel and learned “3 second pool”. Great fun!