When we left Whistler a few days ago everything – including ourselves – seemed to want us to stay longer. First the bus was epicly late, then traffic made it almost impossible to get into Vancouver and when we did get there it was rainy and sad 😦 Whistler was simply amazing and however awesome Vancouver is, there were definitely parts of us longing to stay in the mountains! The last days there were very relaxing. After our mountain biking adventure we spent the rest of the week in the park by the hostel, playing volleyball with new found friends or just lying in the grass enjoying the views. On the last day we went to Alta lake which we passed when cycling and had the most relaxing day in and out of the lake bathing in the glorious sunshine! And while walking there we passed a golf course and found at least 10 lost balls in the surrounding trees. No Smith holiday would be complete without finding dad some golf balls so it’s just as well we found some! 😀 And Tim loved this new sport of ball hunting, stating it was like “easter egg hunting, but in real life” 😀 Fun times!

…oh yeah, and we finally managed to take a photo of a bear! 😀