“Singapore is the happiest place in Asia”

– Dan Buettner

Arrival: 6th February
Departure: 11th February
Time Zone: SST (GMT+9 ; UCT+8)


And the adventure begins! 

Whether it is experiencing the buzz of Chinatown, relishing the curries Little India have to offer or goggling over the modern and super-stylish skyline of Marina Bay, our 5 days will undoubtedly be jam packed with unforgettable experiences!

A big thank you to Uncle Mark and Auntie Sue for putting us up for the duration of our visit. After 12 hours of flying and 8 hours of jetlag to overcome the familiarity and homeliness will be much appreciated in such an unknown and vast city!

Want to know more? Go ahead and discover what this city-state has to offer.

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